We understand that spending money on an ERP system—either new or as a replacement for an inadequate system—is often seen as a risk. Make the wrong choice and you could find yourself right back where you started—disconnected data, frustrated employees, wasted time, diminishing profitability.

How can SourceWare help my business?
How is it tailored to the wholesale distribution model?
What is the implementation process?
After all is said and done, how is SourceWare different?
How can SourceWare help my business?

How will it increase my productivity?

  • You’ll be more productive because you will gain access to all your organizational data from a single data source. Which means:
    • less time spent reconciling data from multiple sources
    • quicker access to information
    • improved data accuracy
    • better decision making as a result of better data
    • 24-hour remote accessibility
    • access using any remote device

How will it improve my employees productivity?

  • You and your employees will experience a significant reduction in “busy” work.
    • reduction in manual handling of paperwork
    • faster order processing
    • increased order accuracy
    • higher efficiency and speed in resolving customer issues
    • reduction or elimination of redundant activities
    • more time for value-add tasks—improving customer and supplier relationships

How will it enhance my customer’s experience?

  • The customer experience will improve as a result of:
    • increased order accuracy
    • fewer returns
    • faster resolution to customer issues
    • convenience of online ordering
    • 24-hour online accessibility to account status and order history

Are there intangible benefits for my company?

  • The benefits of implementing SourceWare extend beyond what is easy to measure and quantify.
  • Processes and systems that are fully functional support employee engagement. And when employees can engage more effectively with their work and responsibilities, overall employee satisfaction increases. The additional outcomes for your business include a more positive work environment and a more satisfied workforce. And in turn, better retention rates.
How is SourceWare tailored to the wholesale distribution model?

Will the system work with my business model?

  • Informediate’s core competency is in providing technology solutions to better enable wholesale distributors to improve their business and operational processes.
  • Our products and supporting services focus on adding value and efficiency to your existing wholesale distribution operations to drive sustainable growth.

Is the new system scalable for growth?

  • SourceWare ERP platform offers a wide range of procedural options for the small-to-mid-sized wholesale distributor. As your company grows and your needs expand, you will have the option to incorporate appropriate SourceWare modules to further support your growing business needs.

Can it be customized to my specific needs?

  • SourceWare is a complete ERP system designed to handle all of your business processes. If you have unique requirements based on your internal processes, we welcome the opportunity to address and solve issues with customization to fit your needs.
How does implementation of SourceWare work?

What is the implementation process?

  • Our Informediate support staff will guide you through every step of the implementation process.
  • Step 1: Create a data map of your current systems database
  • Step 2: Cross reference your data tables and fields, and match with SourceWare database
  • Step 3: Conduct an audit of receivables, inventory, and general ledger balances to match current system
  • Step 4: Access to a test system with your data to audit and review
  • Step 5: Remote and on-site employee training
  • Step 6: Go live

How long does it take to implement SourceWare?

  • The length of the implementation process is dependent upon many factors including the project’s complexity. Our professional implementation team will customize a plan based on your current business and staff availability. We offer a well-rounded implementation approach that offers the following:
    • train the trainer
    • remote and direct on-site training
    • ongoing gap analysis and needs assessments

Will we receive proper training?

  • At Informediate we pride ourselves on our ability to transfer our knowledge of SourceWare to you and your employees. You’ll have access to
    • remote pre-training
    • on-site go live training
    • access to a test system with your converted data
  • We will match the training method and schedule to fit your specific needs. In addition, your team will always have access to online documentation.
After all is said and done, why SourceWare?

When will I see return on my investment?

  • Investing in new technology is never a short-term investment. However, you’ll experience immediate l benefits, which include:
    • reduced paper/manual handling
    • online exception reporting to quickly spot a problem
    • immediate reduction of picking and shipping errors in the warehouse
    • improved customer service by having ready access to real-time information

Will I get the level of support I need and when I need it?

  • You have frontline access to an Informediate support analyst to answer your questions without limit to the number of support cases or questions. Our software specialists are also available to assist you with business process decisions, upgrade planning assistance, and guiding you towards the common goal of increasing the functional benefits of SourceWare.
  • Call Informediate today at 888-854-2677 and let’s talk SourceWare.

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