November 23, 2011

During the original implementation, the Informediate team went above and beyond as they helped us with data quality problems, audits of the converted data and a lot of clarifying and sometimes challenging questions to ensure that we received the result we expected. The distribution knowledge they bring is at least as valuable as the product and technical knowledge. Because they only focus on Business Intelligence (within distribution) they are the experts at designing and presenting decision making data. With 60 outside sales reps and 24 branches in three states, it is imperative that we have accurate and timely communication on daily sales, gross margins and a host of other metrics.WebQuery solved our reporting needs for these users, as well as providing the foundation for our sales commission program.

We find it to be a very easy tool to use and administer. The support we get from the Informediate team is exceptional as well.

Bob Flaharty (Chief Financial Officer)

ORCO Construction Supply, Livermore, CA