Prophet 21® User Case Study Sentinel Process Systems and Informediate BI Tools

Sentinel Process System, Inc. is a specialty value added Distributor and Fabricator of High Purity Valves, Hoses and Fittings. They primarily serve the demanding Pharmaceutical, Biotech and High Purity Chemical industries. They have been using Prophet 21® from Epicor (one of the most widely adopted modern and powerful ERP solutions available in the wholesale distribution industry today) as their enterprise system since 2004.

Sentinel was first interested in WebQuery because they felt the baseline reporting options in Prophet 21 were insufficient for their needs, and the ongoing time, training and costs associated with using Crystal, SQL and Excel were cost prohibitive. They elected to proceed with WebQuery in June 2009. and were one of the first customers to purchase ExecuKeys in September 2010.

Paul Tramo, President

What value have you received from ExecuKeys that you didn’t have previously?

ExecuKeys has provided us with multiple ways to analyze our Prophet 21 data the way I want to see it. With little training, I am able to create these graphs and charts on demand and then act on the information. We now are deploying this info to our sales team so they can see exactly what is happening with their accounts on a real time basis no matter how computer savvy they are. This amazing tool WILL help us grow with minimal investment.

What did you get that you couldn’t get from Prophet 21?

Prophet 21 is a powerful engine with amazing performance and reliability. However, you can’t drive with your hands in the engine compartment checking the RPM’s, temperature and pressure. You need a dashboard to provide you with accurate and measurable insight into what is going on under the hood allowing you to keep your eyes on the road and providing the ability to better see the curves ahead.

Unlike Prophet 21, ExecuKeys gives you multiple data points and allows you to configure the way it works for you or anyone in your organization. If you don’t like the look and feel – you can change it. If you need more information, you can add it. If you need help – you can talk to a live person who understands your business and the Prophet 21 data who will help you.

Why might you recommend Informediate tools to someone else?

If you want to quickly know where you are and how you got there – buy WebQuery and ExecuKeys from Informediate. I have not seen an easier and more user friendly solution or company to work with.