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  December 16, 2007 

Merry Christmas to Everybody!

    Yes, I am getting slower... but am enjoying each day as it comes.  Let me tell everybody a “MERRY CHRISTMAS”... because that is just how I feel right now... with all the lights and Christmas decorations here in Raleigh.  There is so much to tell you about, and we will get into it in a moment.  But first I need to say nice things about these youngsters that keep giving us so much help.  George (Fryberger) is amazing in what he does with the USS RICH Website (  Check it out, if you haven’t.  It is a ready source of information about the RICH and her crew.   Guy & Frances, on the other hand, help keep this Newsletter going.  Without them, do you know how much typing I would have to do to get’er done? I know... they don’t like me talking about them, but age has its privilege.  Just ask Sims.  Oh yes... got an email from Thibaut (aka “Thunderbolt”) the other day.  Good to hear from our French Lieutenant.  Also I hear (from Frances) that the “ice storm” through the middle of the country... has spared Doris Holler in Bartlesville, but Nowata (about 30 miles away) is “iced in”.  Doris’ Senior Choir drove over to sing for the Senior Citizens in Nowata... lots of ice! 

    Andrew Michael of Virginia Beach has asked if anyone remembers “anything” about his uncle, Peter S. Decimos, WT 3/c... who went down with the ship.  Michael is interested in attending our Reunion in June, which is in the planning stage.  We do plan to have a Reunion... and will let you know the details in the Spring Letter.  So, block-out June 6-8, 2008 for the event.  Other news is that Sims still misses Doris, but is gaining weight on all the casseroles made especially for him by the local widows.  Roland Freeman passed away on 22 September 2007.  Clyde Hutchins, S 1/c, and Roland were buried by the same Funeral Home (Clements Funeral Service) in Durham, NC.  Norman Johnson of the USS ARIZONA also passed away.  He was a life-time member of DESA.  Some of you may remember him.     Benny Hicks is still visiting Bea in the rest home.  He says that Charlie Black is not doing well.  Roy & Jane Hudson say they are still battling cancer.  Roy will finish his chemo treatments in January, but Jane will be under treatment indefinitely.  She has a rare form of lung cancer that is resistant to treatment.  We wish you the best Jane.  Know that everyone is pulling for you. 

    The editor of SWABBY I & II, Jack Haberstroh, has passed away and will be removed from the mailing.  “Bev” Titorenko thanks us for all the joy we have provided her husband, Alex Titorenko, MM 3/c, with our mailings.  He passed away on 24 April 2007.  Mail from George Libjebald, GM 2/c, was returned as “unable to deliver”.  We will assume that George has sailed on over the horizon too. 

    Keep in mind that we keep you informed with the donations sent to me (address below) or to our Secretary/Treasurer, Jane Hudson (204 Lemon Drive, Lynchburg VA 24501).  Know that all donations are greatly appreciated.  Should you chance upon the book, TEMPEST, FIRE and FOE by Lewis M. Andrews, Jr... check page 102 (showing survivors of USS RICH being picked up) and page 125 (showing RICH being struck by the third mine). 

    So good to talk to each of you again.  Somebody once said that I “liked to talk”, but I did not realize how much fun it is.  Let me use the words of Frederic S. Brooks in expressing my inner most thoughts in closing: “I bid my shipmates farewell and bid you to remember that you are as young as your faith, as old as your doubts, as young as your self confidences, as old as your tears, as young as your hopes, and as old as your despair.”


M. H. Green
Guy Rich - Frances Livesay

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