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  December 1, 2001

Dear Shipmates, Family & Friends,

It has been a short 2001 and even shorter few months since our Survivors Reunion in Branson,
where Joe & Alta Podorski did such a superb job.

Good News - Shipmates located:

William Medlin
1200 Barton Avenue
Clewiston FL 33440

RM3/C Richard Fisher
340Cambridge Drive
Erie P A 16511-2602

Within the past two weeks Kevin Fisher located the USS RICH story on-the website. First news about RICH that his father (Richard Fisher) has. Kevin's address is:

Kevin Fisher
5750 Walle Road
Erie PA 16510.

Per conversation with Richard, he will be be 78 in December. Happy Birthday Shipmate! It was great to locate Richard. He and I stood Radio Watches in the USS RICH Radio Shack together many times. "Dit-Da-Dit..." Hopefully he may attend our June 2002 Survivors Reunion in Myrtle Beach SC.

Jack Haberstroch, Ph. D., is doing a book "SWABBY" about the shipboard life of the enlisted.
He may have contacted you already; if so, please respond. Jack will appreciate hearing of your experiences, which will bring the human touch to SWABBY. His book will contain photographs and sailor-experiences during WW-II. Jack's address is 15625 Avenida Alcachofa, #H, San Diego CA 92128.

Victor Buck is doing research for "TRIM BUT DEADLY". His address is: Victor Buck, 1027 Douglas Avenue, Wantagh NY 11793-1760 (516-781-2877). I sent him info on USS RICH and received a very nice draft of what he wrote on our ship. Shipmate Carl Bodecker also contributed information. Upon completion of the book, we will tell you of how to get a copy.

Talked with shipmate Roy Hudson recently. He & Jane attended the Destroyer Escort Reunion in Albany NY, chaired by Stan McMillan. Roy and Jane represented the USS RICH in the memorial
services. Jane tossed flowers over the side in memory of lost shipmates, and Roy cast a wreath
commemorating loss of the RICH.

Shipmate M. H. Greene will be ordering RICH caps (315 Kinsey St, Raleigh, NC 27603, ph 919-

Talked with Paul Frazier, and Paul is doing OK.

Lee Johnson of the NC Motor Dept of Vehicles visited me. He is an Army and Navy retiree and is working with NC Dept of archives writing a book on NC Veterans. Since many RICH-mates were (and are) from North Carolina, I gave him both books to use for informational purposes.

Suitable facilities (Landmark Resorts) have been located for our June 5, 6, 7, & 8th (2002) Reunion in Myrtle Beach SC. Details will be sent in the next newsletter.

While visiting Myrtle Beach, we had a nice chat with Jean Schmocker (Dan's wife). Contributions since last newsletter: Bennie Hicks, Lew Watts, Gene Glasser. Thanks Shipmates, much appreciated.

Bennie Hicks is having health problems. He would like to hear from you. (705 Liberty Drive, Thomasville NC 27360, ph 336-472-7339)
Note: Our USS RICH adopted daughter "Champagne Sally" - LCDR Sally Svoboda, USNR, has been called to active duty. Watch out Osama!

On the trip to Myrtle Beach SC (11/17/001), we stopped by Marion Nursing Home in Marion SC and visited with shipmate W. B. Thompson (picture above). He is bedridden with Parkinson Disease, yet very knowledgeable of the RICH's sinking and of his shipmates. Drop him a card. He would love to hear from you:

W. B. Thompson
Marion Nursing Home PO Box 1485
Marion SC 29759

Roger Weatherman (above) visited in March of 2001. He received information on USS RICH and an account of his father. (Refer to article in 1 March 2001 Newsletter.)

Love to all!

Ed Black - Dot Cole
Guy Rich - Frances Livesay

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