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  December 1st, 2000  

Dear Shipmates and Friends: 

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope all of you have had smooth sailing for year 2000. To each of you, Dot and I wish you a very happy and Merry Christmas via newsletter. 

I have received letter from our French friend, Gerrard Leonard. He is writing books on Navy losses on the French coast during World War II. I have sent my book and information on the USS Rich DE-695. 

I heard from Shelton Bosley. He sent information on LST and PT boats. Some on the rescue of survivors from the USS Rich. Maybe I can copy and send in future n ewsletter. 

New address for Robert Challender is PO Box 6679 Maryville, TN 37802. He is nephew of Santo Porto from Rich. Please change on your mailing list. 

Rick Jasper is now in Norfolk, VA. Will have address in next newsletter. His father was on the USS Rich. 

USS Bunch shipmate Dave Hibbs visited Joe Korch and Stan Washinski from the USS Rich. Both live in PA. I chatted with both on phone Oct. 15th. I made a copy of photo Dave sent me. 

Talked with Berman Scott in the past month. He still teaches Sunday school (50 years).

I spoke with M. H. Greene. He's doing OK and has ordered caps. More information when they arrive in December. 

Also talked to Roy Hudson. He's heading to Florida in December. 

I called Peyton Mize on 10/24/00. He's fine, lives in Elberton, GA. 

Following have sent donations to help keep newsletter going, postage, copies and etc. 

Shelton Bosley
Lew Watts
Arthur Crawford
(Brother in law of W. B. Thompson)
Tom Cook for hats and newsletter
Guy Rich for hats and newsletter

I talked with Chief Holler. He attended USS Blessman reunion in Fla. in October. Health reasons did not permit me to attend. Good reunion as usual, Charlie "T" gets it done! He is a super chairman. USS Blessman is very fortunate to have him. 

Chief Holler sent photos of USS Rich on Mississippi and some crew members which we sent on to George Fryberger. (See copy of letter from Chief Holler). 

Had a nice letter from Dale Malpezzi who is historian for LST Association. He visited us in Frankenmuth, Mich. at our reunion. 

Received a nice card from shipmate Joe Radak of Chicago. Have you recognized all the good looking sailors we included in last newsletter? 

Had a call from "Cuzzin" Charlie Black. He and Helen have been to Wisconsin to visit Helen's relatives. 

My next door neighbor, Becky Poole is a niece of Colin E. Grafton SK 1/c who was on the USS Rich. He was from LA and Becky grew up there. The picture of the USS Rich crew party in NY in 1943 is being shown on website. Hope everyone can see the USS Rich website.

Had a nice letter from Lew Watts. He is still teaching and following baseball. He remembered our playing baseball in Ireland prior to invasion.

Until next newsletter, smooth sailing and God Bless each of you!

Hope to see you in Branson for 2001 June Survivors Reunion!


Ed Black - Dot Cole

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