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   October 4th, 2000 

Dear Shipmates and Friends:

This is your USS RICH DE 695 newsletter for October, 2000. I am enclosing for you copies of all addresses relating to the RICH family. (These directories are accessible on this website from the Survivors Association main page.)

Broken into three categories - USS RICH Survivors - Families of crew and Friends of crew. David Hibbs of the USS BUNCH DE 694 and Janice have aided us much with computer contacts and word processing. Much credit to them. They had a wonderful and successful reunion in Branson.

Found a shipmate up in Ohio, Frank Wood, had a nice chat on the phone with him. Frank lost a leg in the sinking of the RICH. He would like to hear from any of the RICH family. (See address list for Frank's address)

Located John Warne, 1347 Summit Pine Blvd, Apt. 7111 W. Palm Beach Florida, brother of Robert Warne WT 3/c killed on RICH. Shipmate Robert is buried at Staten Island, N.Y. We sent a lot of RICH information, most he heard on RICH sinking.

Have had phone contact with David Clark from S.C. #32. He was with Leo Andrus who sent photo of the RICH broken in two and ship log. Bob Bruno told me that while in the water he gave his life jacket to a shipmate who could not swim. Wonder who the shipmate could have been?

Santo Porto who died while on the 20 MM. gun on port side of the RICH had been accepted to play major league baseball prior to entering the navy. Information coming from Robert Challender, nephew of Santo. Robert is moving to Nashville Music City- Nashville Tenn. soon.

Lew Watts did you know this???? We all know Lew Watt's baseball fame.

Larry Mize the professional golfer from Georgia is the nephew of Shipmate Peyton Mize TM 2/c from Elberton, Ga. who gave so much on the RICH as he attempted to turn the torpedoes to outside when they were smoking. Incidentally, I was close to Peyton at the time. I shall never forget the desperate look on Peyton's face.


Velma Edwards - Dyne Poglagen - Doug Joyner - Ed Black - Joe Podorski- Tom Cook - Benny Cook - Frank Doody - H. B. Sims - Rick Jasper - Paul Dunn - Robert Challander- (2) Joe Korch - (4) Guy Rich - Frank Wood - Joe Radak

M. H. Green's phone number is 919-833-0747 Raleigh, NC. September 23 called M. H. relating to caps. Order will take a few weeks. We will advise cost and mailing of caps.

Heard from Joe Radak of USS RICH, he has had a stroke. Remember Joe was sunk on another ship prior to coming to the RICH. He was on a life raft for several days before being picked up.

Remember the USS Blessman DE 69 / APD 48 Reunion in Orlando, Fl. Reunion will be at the Delta Orlando Resort on the dates of October 24-28, 2000. Charlie "T" gives his reunions 100%, he and Cecelia. We have attended several and they were tops. Charlie's address is on our mailing list.

Did you know the USS RICH once challenged the Queen Mary??????? The Queen Mary was slow in returning recognition signals, consequently the RICH turned her guns on the Queen.

Is this true Paul Frazier or Bill Cunningham? Could be scuttlebutt.

Next newsletter will be on Howard Jordan. He is now living in Surfside, South Carolina. We have received more information on the sinking from Bos Shelton of PT 507. Also, we will have website news from Frank Doody.

Send us any news of anyone's happenings, deaths, marriages, divorces, separations, trips, vacations, etc.

Remember we are able to keep the newsletter going only through your help on news and donations to the USS RICH fund.

Hope everyone had a nice summer. God speed to recovery to those who have been sick. I am feeble, so I close hence and retire, till next newsletter.

Ed Black - Dot Cole

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