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  October 16, 2008

Dear Shipmates, Family & Friends,

     Another of our shipmates has sailed his last voyage. Though it is sad for his family, friends, and shipmates, I think Roy was looking forward to that cruise Jane has been planning for them. One of their goals was to take a cruise... one for each year of marriage. They have been married nineteen years, but have only taken eighteen cruises. We can surmise that Jane, the excellent planner, has been planning their nineteenth cruise as she waited these seven weeks for Roy. Surrounded by his devoted and loving family members (at home), Roy peacefully went to be with his beloved Jane... and take that nineteenth cruise. I understand it was to be their longest... around the world. Godspeed, Roy & Jane.

     It was Roy who introduced the DE-695 Members to the D-Day Memorial in Bedford, during our first Lynchburg Reunion. George (Fryberger) and Roy (Hudson), Jr. lead the effort to remember the USS RICH with a Memorial Plaque there under the USS NEVADA. This was good thinking because Normandy was the first battle for most of us. Sad to say, it was the last... for many of our shipmates, who gave their all in the cold waters off Utah Beach. Roy (and Jane) also planned our last Lynchburg Reunion (four months ago). Though not feeling well, they were with us most of the time.

     Bill McGinty’s last letter was returned indicating that he was “deceased”. He last address was 1305 Faunce Street, Philadelphia PA 19111.

     I received a cheerful call from W. D (Bill) Cunningham. It was good to hear his voice, as he still sounds so very happy-go-lucky. Bill has moved: 

W. D. Cunningham
800 Rice Valley Rd, Apt B6
Tuscoloosa, AL 35406
Phone: 205 345-8774

     His address makes me think of the USS TUSCALOOSA Cruiser, which was one of the ships we were screening off Utah Beach at Normandy. Surprising how the mind works. There was the time we were in Washington, DC... with the Schmockers (Dan & Jean) and Bill & his wife, who told me ‘secrets’ about Bill after they were first married. I’ll have to write about these “memories”... next letter. OK?

     France had the dedication of the U. S. Navy Monument on Utah Beach (27 September 2008). The Navy was the last of the U. S. Military Services to be so honored. Those French are plodding, but eventually they show their appreciation. That’s it for the fall news.

Here’s wishing you calm seas and following winds.

M. H. Green
Guy Rich - Frances Livesay

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