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  October 1, 2001

Dear Shipmates, Family & Friends,

    This is your Fall USS RICH DE-695 Newsletter. As usual, Dot and I have been busy attempting to keep in touch... attending reunions and keeping involved in the RICH family. Some important members of the family are no longer with us:


Tom Cook of Swoope VA (7 August 2001, see enclosed)
Clyde Hutchins of Durham NC (28 July 2001, see enclosed)
Fred Tarver (21 July 2001) LST 865 -- attended our Virginia Beach reunion June 2000.
Dave Hibbs lost a brother in FL a few weeks ago

    Some years ago we survivors voted to enter deceased members of the USS RICH DE 695 crew: in the Navy Log. Tom Cook was already in the Navy Log, so we sent a memorial check to his son, Bennie Cook, whom you remember from our reunions at Southern Pines NC and Virginia Beach, VA.

Charlie Black, M. H. Greene, Roland Freeman, and Ed Black attended Clyde Hutchins' funeral as honorary pallbearers. Clyde has been entered in the Navy Log. To view the Navy Log:

- Go to
- Click The Navy Log
- Click Navy log
- Enter name of shipmate in input-box
- Of names displayed, click last name of shipmate.
- This will display the Navy Record, often with a photograph.

    Rosemary Cabibi, daughter of Anthony Cabibi (our pharmacist on the RICH), died in early July Joseph (Joe) Cabibi, Anthony's oldest son, wrote to let us know. Having just learned of the USS RICH Survivors, Joe would very much like to correspond with anyone from the ship. (Joseph Anthony Cabibi, 311 Carroll Lane, Bay St. Louis MS 39528. Joe hopes to attend one of our reunions in the near future.

Random Events:

A note from shipmate H. B. Sims. He broke his foot in a fall. Yes, HB... gravity rules! Hope
you feel better.

A note from "Champagne Sally" saying she has all the RICH survivors in her thoughts and wishes us well. "Thanks Sally, you are the greatest!

We were contacted by Ruth Wilson of Southern Pines NC (niece of shipmate Clyde Hutchins). She wants information on the USS RICH.

We met Mary Jean Fair and her son Don at the USS BUNCH DE-694 reunion in Gettysburg PA. She was married to shipmate Donald Staab for 25 years. Donald passed away from cancer. She
re-married to Mr. Fair, a destroyer sailor on DD-694.

We were in Pembroke NC to see our friend, Edmund Locklear, concerning printing of the third book (hardback) on the USS RICH. This book will be suitable for libraries, museums, and gifts. The hardback version will be the last book printed on the USS RICH.

Ed's Corvette burned on 9/11/2001. Up in smoke! Thank you, Thank you. All contributions to
the Black's Corvette Replacement Fund are appreciated.

Karen Hofheinz Persell saw a picture of her father, shipmate Peter S. Hofheinz, identified on our website. Her question is, who identified her father's picture. She is most interested in communicating with this person. Hofheinz was the ship's baker, and was onboard for the first time. All we know is that Joe Korch of the RICH sent several pictures to be identified by we survivors. These pictures were photocopied and sent-out in a newsletter last year. Peter S. Hotheinz's name was on the back of his picture, so we used it. No one actually identified Hofheinz's picture, to our knowledge. Joe Korch would be the best person to ask as to how he got Hofheinz's picture. Hofheinz's son, Peter S. Hofheinz Jr. has visited the web site and is interested in becoming involved with the USS RICH Survivors. We hope he will write-up a description of his father's experiences to go with the picture on the website.


USS BLESSMAN will be Oct 10-13 at Hilton Garden Inn, Daytona Beach FL. Call Charlie "T" at 904-441-7915 for information.

USS RICH DD 820 held their reunion in June at Barry V A, Next year will be at Beaufort SC.

Had a nice newsletter from USS BAYFIELD on their reunion.

USS BULL and USS BATES will have their reunion Oct 10-14 in Albany NY. Call Stan at 518-673-3589 for information.

USS BUNCH DE 694 held their reunion at Gettysburg P A on Sep 16-20, Dave Hibbs was the coordinator 717-637-7723.

LST Association held there reunion in Myrtle Beach SC this past May at the Springmaid Motel. The reunion coordinator was Bob Lentz, 10508 Osprey Drive, Charlotte NC 28226.

Ed & Dot are working on plans for the Survivors Reunion next June in Myrtle Beach SC.

Contributions Received:

Henry Ullrich, Jr,
HB Sims (Memorial gift to Clyde Hutchins)
Berman M, Scott
Bill McGinty
Murray Comer
David Clark
Len Kravitz

All contributions are deeply appreciated. They keep the newsletter going. 

Ed Black - Dot Cole
Guy Rich - Frances Livesay

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