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  May 1st, 2007

Spring Greetings to Shipmates & Friends,

Spring Greetings to Shipmates & Friends,

The USS RICH Reunion time is right around the corner. So... lets cover that first, and then we can get into what has been happening with everyone. Roy & Jane Hudson have been busily checking for accommodations in the Lynchburg area. We certainly appreciate all the work they do, especially since both are struggling with health issues. Enclosed is a “planning sheet” that should be returned to Roy & Jane by the 2nd weekend in May (5/12)... so they will have a head-count and can make reservations for such things as seating at the D-Day Memorial Celebrations on June 6th.

The Ramada Inn is the same Ramada we used three years ago, and the rates are very reasonable ($62.00 with breakfast included). Ten rooms have been “blocked off” for the USS RICH (DE-695). Be sure to mention the USS RICH when you call to get the special $62.00 rate.

Ramada Inn
3436 Odd Fellows Road
Lynchburg VA 24501
(434) 847-7500

If we fill ten or more rooms, the Hospitality Room is free. Otherwise, there will be a nominal charge. So, come if you can, if you can’t... send somebody. *just kidding*

All trips/events of the Reunion will be determined by how many people are interested. As you know, age prevents us from “leaping tall buildings” as once. We will do a lot of sitting around talking, remembering when we could do things we now talk about. Wednesday (June 6th) will be taken-up by events of D-Day. The luncheon on Smith Mountain Lake will consume most of Thursday (June 7th). Friday (June 8th) will be “recovery day” and preparation for the Banquet that evening. There you have it... a short outline of the USS RICH (DE-695) events of ‘07. Go ahead and make your reservation at the Ramada ASAP. You can cancel by the last day of May. Like I said, if you can’t come, send somebody.

Now... what’s happening? Life goes on for me, but I don’t step as high, nor do I lift as heavy... as once. Acute bronchitis keeps trying to move-in to live with me. Realization has set in that the body just doesn’t cash some checks anymore. In his struggle with lung cancer, Charlie Black is down to 120 pounds and has lost his hair to chemo. Helen (Black) is still struggling in her world of Alzheimer. The Black family is in a bad way, except Ed (Black) seems to be holding his own. He and Dot plan to be at the D-Day Memorial Celebrations in Bedford on 6 June. Shipmate Everett Herndon (MOMM 2/c) has sailed “into the sunset” this past year. Alta Podorski also passed away in December '06... as she was preparing for the Christmas Holidays. Lt. Thibaut’s father passed away during Christmas too. It is not easy talking about the missing, but everyone should know.

A big “thank you” and healthy hug goes to Virginia Calabrese for her letter and “donation” of Dec ‘06. In addition to her much needed support for the RICH newsletter (which she enjoys), her letter was full of news. Virginia is now blessed with 17 great-grand-children. You can thank Virginia for mailing you this letter. Ninety-five letters mailed at $.39 (plus supplies) lets you know that the USS RICH organization functions best with your support. Keep those cards and letters coming to:

315 Kinsey Street
Raleigh NC 27603

Look forward to seeing ALL of you in Lynchburg.


M. H. Green
Guy Rich - Frances Livesay

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