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  Spring, 2005

Dear Shipmates, Family & Friends,

*When itís Springtimeee in Mt. Gileaaaaddd*

   Can you tell I am in a good mood?  Outside my door is the prettiest Dogwood tree; just blooming its heart out.  This Fall the Bluebirds will come and eat those red Dogwood berries.  I have seen them do it.  Berries probably donít taste that good.  Hey, enough about the birds and berries, lets get on with things of the RICH. 

   Good News, Good News, Good NEWS... As you know, Roy (Hudson Jr.) and George (Fryberger)... with help from family and friends of the Crew... have collected money for a commemorative USS RICH Plaque... to be displayed on the west wall at the D-Day Memorial in Bedford VA.  Dedication will be on Memorial Day (30 May 2005) at 11 AM.  Plan to be there, come early, the rest of the RICH Family will be looking for you.  There will be special seating for those coming for the Plaque Dedication.  Look for the USS RICH seating.

     For the latest report on our Atlanta Reunion, Cindy says....

Plans for the 2005 reunion are underway.  The hospitality room opens at the Evergreen Conference Center at Stone Mountain, Georgia, on June 5 (2005).  Planned activities include a laser show on the side of the mountain, a trip to the Atlanta Cyclorama, and many choices within Stone Mountain Park.  The yearly banquet will be held at the conference center on June 8th.  Make your room reservations by contacting the conference center at (770) 879-9900 by April 25.  Also, please send your activity choices to:
                        Cindy Sims
                        190 Natures Path
                        Tyrone GA 30290

We are looking forward to a great time!  If you have questions, please contact H. B. & Doris Sims at (770) 487-4583.

Cindy is our Sweetheart, what can I say.  Hope to see you in Atlanta.

   A word from Dave Hibbs, our friend and shipmate from the USS BUNCH (DE-694/ADP-79)

It has been over five months since the Gaithersburg, MD, Reunion.  We expect to have a mailing before this to ďAll HandsĒ, but we (like many others) have been having health problems.  Regretfully, we will not be able to coordinate another USS BUNCH Reunion.  It has been a great time over the years having these reunions and much satisfaction in making so many friends.  Also, just seeing everyone having a good time has been worth the effort.

 Now we are asking for someone to step up and coordinate a reunion for the Fall of 2005.  September has been a good month for us.  We have not scheduled any reunions during the Jewish Holidays.  Will give you (anyone) all the support possible.  Perhaps someone of the younger generation will consider the challenge.  A computer is very helpful to have.
   Yes, Dave... I know the feeling.  Canít kick as high myself... as once.  You and Janice have admirably shouldered the BUNCH Reunions for all these years.  Hereís hoping a willing individual (or two) will step forward.

   I have been in contact with Doug Joyner, who had a stroke last year.  Doug has faithfully attended our Reunions.  His brother J.H. Joyner lost his life on the RICH.  Doug retired as a Navy Pilot Commander.  He lives in Goldsboro, NC. 

   The news from M. H. Green in Raleigh, NC, is that his beloved Marie has had serious health problems... and a couple of operations.  We wish her well. 

   Charlie ďTĒs USS BLESSMAN had his reunion in April this year.  The hurricane rained them out last October.   

   Letter to Shelton Bosley returned after the last mailing.  Will continue efforts to find him.  He attended some of the RICH Reunions.  He was part of crew on PT-507 that rescued survivors. 

   Had a phone conversation with Norm Jensen.  He drives his motor home between Montana & Arizona.  Norm enjoyed a recent bout with Shingles. (You are tough, Norm!)  He plans to attend the Atlanta Reunion.  Made a trip though the Panama Canal last year.  In a word... Norm gets around.  

   Charles Black celebrated his 80th birthday in Greensboro, NC, on 3-17-05.  We couldnít make the party due to illness.  Think I am allergic to something.  Sorry Charlie.   

   Shipmate Bennie Hicks is having health problems, and Bea is in a rest home.  We visited Benny sometimes ago in Thomasville, NC. 

   USS BAYFIELD (APA-33) is having a Reunion in Branson, MO, on September 22-26, 2005. 

   Stan McMillan has the Reunion for USS BATES & USS BULL scheduled this Fall in Washington DC Area.   

   My oldest brother, Lacy Black, whom you met at the Pinehurst Reunion, passed away before Christmas (12-20-04).  He was 94 and a veteran of the US Army Air Force. 

   Have had contact with the son of John L. Monohan, 12 Evergreen Train, Milton, MASS. 02186 (ph 617 232 3726).  John was the Doctor on LST 57, which picked me up from the water... as the USS RICH slipped beneath the waves.  John (& son) would like to hear from anyone, call or write.  Just think... you can talk to someone who actually saw the ship go down.

Contributions Received:
James ďJimĒ Gwaltney    (USS BUNCH)
Virginia Calabrese           (Mikeís wife)
Norm Jensen                    (USS RICH)
    Thank you so much for your continued support.  Without you, the RICH Newsletter would be insolvent.  Also remember, we need news of the RICH families... trips, health, marriages, divorces *just kidding*.  The news may not be important to you, but we folks want to hear about it.  Pick up the phone (910 439-6194), or better still... write it down.  That way, I donít forget.

   Navy Log... Navy Log... get your name, information, AND picture to the Memorial Foundation along with everyone else. Let not your service to our great country fade with time... leave your footprint.  Fill out both sides of the enclosed LOG ENTRY FORM and mail it too: 

                        United States Navy
                        Memorial Foundation
                        PO Box 96570
                        Washington CD 20077-7685 

   Thatís it from the hills and valleys of Mt. Gilead, where the air is fresh, the music is sweet, and Mary Poppins is singing... as she cavorts about the tobacco plants.

Ed Black - Dot Cole
Guy Rich - Frances Livesay


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