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  April, 2009

Dear Shipmates, Family & Friends,

    Time, Time, Time... where does it go? Let me pass along the information for our Reunion (5 - 8 June 09) in Lynchburg this year. We will gather in the Hospitality Room (Lynchburg Inn & Conference Center - the former Ramada Inn, where we met last year) on the evening of the 5th... to plan our drive to Bedford the following morning for the 65th anniversary of D-Day. The D-Day Memorial is planning a BIG DAY! Here is the motel information put together by Cindy (Sims) for our gathering this year.

    Rooms have been blocked for June 5 through 9 (checking out on the 9th). Cost is $65.00 + tax per night and includes a complimentary hot breakfast served in the newly renovated restaurant each morning. The Hospitality Room has also been reserved for the dates of the groups’ stay. The group members will need to call the hotel directly @ 434-582-2868. They will also need to mention that they are coming in with the USS Rich.

The confirmation number for the rooms is G00046-55. June 1 is the last day the rooms will be blocked.

Cindy Sims

    Go ahead and reserve your room. You can always cancel if something comes up.

    In the past we have neglected information “from” the USS RICH Website. We need to pay attention to the requests we get.

Follow this link to read the emails we've received.

    Should you have answers to the questions, please take the time to answer. We want to use the website for the exchange of information, as well as telling the story of the USS RICH.

    John Slade, the nephew of William Thomas Slade, would like to know if anyone can identify the sailor in the picture beside his uncle? I “believe” he might be Barnett Head, S 2/c. Head was a slight fellow and was a jockey (horse racing) before joining the Navy. In my recollection, he died of his wounds.


S 2/c William Thomas Slade (right) and unidentified shipmate.  Billy Slade was killed in action, June 8, 1944.

    A word about the D-Day Memorial in Bedford (see ENCLOSURE 1). They, like the rest of the country, are experiencing financial difficulties. If you can afford it, send a donation to National D-Day Memorial Foundation, 202 E. Main St, Bedford VA 24523 to help cover the cost of our gathering this year. Your donation is tax deductible. The up-coming 65th celebration of the Normandy Invasion of June 1944 is to be a big event. There will be a two day conference at Liberty University in nearby Lynchburg preceding a large-scale commemoration on 6 June at the Memorial, marking the 65th anniversary of D-Day. A hospitality tent will provide veterans the opportunity to gather and reconnect with wartime buddies. On the night of 6 June, the nine-acre memorial site will be illuminated with more than 4,400 luminaries in honor of the 4,392 Allied soldiers, sailors and airmen who lost their lives on 6 June 1944 in Operation Overlord. Five hundred of the luminaries will be placed along the Necrology Wall on the night of June 6th in tribute to the D-Day fallen. Luminaries are sponsored by friends or relatives at the cost of $20 each... to help with the cost of the Celebration.

    To participate in remembrance of the D-Day invasion of 65 years ago, Ed Black and Dot Cole will be taking a nine day tour of Normandy with Dr. and Mrs. Ranney, who are conducting the tour. As advertised in the brochure, “Join us on one of these outstanding tours featuring the major battlefields of Normandy, Northern France, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Tours are geared to accommodate the WWII Veteran population. Everyone is welcome on this tour.” Should any of you be interested in joining Ed & Dot, contact Rupiper Travel & Tours (888-414-4177) and they will reserve a place for you at a cost of $3,095 per person.

    It has just come to my attention that Charlie Black, our shipmate and friend, has sailed on over the horizon (see ENCLOSURE 2). Godspeed, Charlie, Godspeed!

    A word about our meeting in June. It would be a good idea for the “survivors” to bring their DVD that we made during our visit in Oklahoma. The two sons of shipmates, James McMillan, will be our guest. They would like to see the DVDs. I plan to bring mine. That about covers the things of interest to the people in our little group. If not, I’ll apologize and will cover the omissions in the next newsletter. Be sure and let me know. I look forward to seeing each of you in Lynchburg. Our participation in the 65th D-Day Memorial Celebration (in Bedford) will be meaningful and unforgettable.

M. H. Green
Guy Rich - Frances Livesay

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