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  March, 2006

315 Kinsey Street
Raleigh NC 27603
12 October 2005

Belated Greetings Shipmates & Friends,

As most of you know, this has been my winter of discontent in many ways. My beloved Marie is no longer with me to spread happiness and sunshine in the paths upon which I tread. I miss her every day. Please accept my appreciation for the kind words and thoughts that have come my way. Thanks to all of you for everything. Now... we carry on. Life is for the living. There are miles to go before we sleep.

An e-mail from Thibaut Del Guidice, alias “Thunderbolt” landed in my computer a few days back. Talk about surprise! Not only can he play the piano, he can type too. It is unbelievable all the vacation time those French boys get. But of course... he puts vacation time to good use, he says. It must be nice to be in the French Navy. This summer he will be going to New Caledonia and will be stationed on a French Destroyer. It will be a new experience for him, to be sure. He is coming off Charles De Gaul, the largest French Aircraft Carrier afloat. We wish him the best, and we know that God will be with him. Take care, Thibaut. Come to see us when you can.

Doris Holler is doing a lot to make us welcome in Oklahoma this year (June 6-8, 2006). See the enclosed brochure for lodging information (in Bartlesville). In a phone conversation she told me about all the things we would be doing... visiting Prairie Song (replica of 1800s town), checking out Woolaroc (Phillips’ Western Museum & Nature Preserve), a visit to Price Tower, and to the Phillips Mansion there in Bartlesville. (See enclosure for descriptions.) I had to slow her down... telling her that we were old folks. In any case... whatever we do, wherever we go... it will be a pleasure, Doris. For three days you will be my Delaware Princess and in control of my destiny. I surely hope the rest of you ‘plank owners’ will be with me to give Doris the “ole Blanket-toss”. You know... show our appreciation. It is an Indian Tradition, isn’t it? Say what, Doris? I can’t hear you.

Roy & Jane Hudson are flying to Tulsa and renting a car. You might consider the same, if you no longer drive long distances. I will let you know how the rest of us plan to travel (if they’ll tell me)... in the next letter, which will be just before the meeting. All the reservation information is in this letter, however. Be sure and send-in the reservation sheet to Doris (Holler) by May 1, 2006. The date is on the sheet. She needs a count for planning purposes. Be sure and let her know. Remember to make your motel reservations by third week in May (May 15, 2006). Next letter will be a gentle reminder... of all the Oklahoma excitement being planned for you, but a bit late for reservation purposes. Right, Doris?

Bennie Hicks has been in touch. Bea, his wife, is still in a rest home. Bennie goes to see her every day, and says that cooking is not his forte... you know, French word meaning “he can’t cook”. As a result, he is getting a new wardrobe.

Doris Sims sounded good on the phone the other day. Said she had chemotherapy that day and was doing OK. Sims (H. B.) is doing well. He is looking forward to our trip this summer. I also talked with Roland and Bertie Freeman. Roland manages to keep Bertie busy, and it is my fault that we have not visited.

As you know, I am a telephone-man. Call me anytime. (919-833-0747). Tell me all your hidden secrets and I will hold them against you at a future date. *just kidding* As all long distance calls are covered in my standard phone bill, it cost nothing extra for me to call long distance and talk... and I do. Just let me know when you want to be called. Or... call me, and I will call you back. Fair enough?

Hope to see you fine people in Oklahoma come June. We will get that special motel rate of $69 per night, only if we fill at least ten rooms. So, come on out; enjoy your self. I want to see you. If you have a question, just give me a call. No excuses.


M. H. Green
Guy Rich - Frances Livesay

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