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  March 1st, 2004

Dear Shipmates, Family & Friends,

As the storm-tossed-seas of another Winter retreat, we await the blossoms of Spring... when the air is sweet, and the temperature is kind. Yes, Pinehurst "is" beautiful in the Spring. Coming of Spring restores my faith. Unfortunately, woven into life's fabric is diabetics, which has surfaced. Women have always told me that I was sweet. But, this is ridiculous! As B. B. King says, "The PAIN, The PAIN"... of sticking my finger for those blood-sugar-readings. Let me tell you, Shipmates, I am happy to be here talking about it... and I do look forward to seeing each of you at our 60th Anniversary in June. Yes, yes, Roy & Jane (Hudson) are doing a fantastic job. Read on.

Gerard Leonard of France has published his book on the ship wrecks (off Normandy coast). He sent me a copy, which is written in French. (Oh joy!) Gerard is the diver, who found the RICH screw... i.e. screw from the USS RICH (DE-695). His book gives several pages to our ship and her sinking. Fortunately, much of the story is translated into English with margin insets. I will get the book to George (Fryberger), and hopefully he can get this French story on the Website... in his spare time, of course. George, could you please make that English?

Shipmate News:
ENS "Lew" Watts °is no longer with us, according to letter from his wife. For a write-up of his memories, go to Read where "Lew" won a bet... a bet about my height, of all things! Those were the days, my friend...

Joe Podorski writes that he has a pacemaker. Hope everything is 'ticking' OK for you, Joe.

Capt. Bob Baldwin (USS RICH, DD-820) writes that he enjoys getting our newsletters. Dot & I have been to their Reunion.

Berman Scott called. He is walking again (post surgery). Good luck Berman.

Bob Darrah called. He is doing better health-wise. Encouraging news, Bob!

Charlie Black's wife, Helen, has been sick and in the hospital.

Virginia Calabrese sent some family photos


Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Crawford (sister of W. B. Thompson)
Mr. & Mrs. Earl Hanson
Mr. & Mrs. James Gwaltney

All we shipmates very much appreciate these gifts. Many thanks! Just "mailing" one letter cost $0.60. Multiply that by 128 letters, and you can see how valuable your contributions are. With your help, we can (and will) keep our shipmates and friends informed.

Our French Lieutenant, LV Del Guidice... aka Thibaut to us, is now enjoying a five month deployment aboard the French Aircraft Carrier, CHARLES DE GAULLE (CVN). Thibaut wants to be remembered to everyone and would enjoy some correspondence. His address is:

L V Del Guidice
Flottille 4F
PA Charles de Gaulle
Batiments en mission.
00384 Armees

His email is Be sure to mention "4F LV DEL GUIDICE" in the subject area, or he will not get it.

Reunion 5-8 June 2004:
Roy & Jane (Hudson) have been working like beavers on our Survivors June 2004 Reunion. Send "no" money; just fill out the appropriate Enclosure(s) and return (ASAP) to Roy & Jane so they can handle the reservations. An itemized bill will be ready, when you arrive.

ENCL 2 - Agenda of June 5-8, 2004, Survivors Reunion Events.

ENCL 3 & 4 - Information about the Commemoration Service and Canteen afterwards. ,

ENCL 5 - Indicate your choice(s) and return to Roy & Jane.

ENCL 6 & 7 - Database & Oral History Information; complete if you wish to become part of either. Return completed form(s) to Roy & Jane.

I know, I know... lots of paper work, but anything worthwhile requires effort. Just know that you are a very important part of history, and your song will never get sung... if you just sit on your story. So, lets join hands and circle-up, dance a jig while telling our tales. Can't you see a bunch of old codgers (us) doing something like that! Ok, Ok, so your eyesight is not that good.

Fair winds and Following seas,

Ed Black - Dot Cole
Guy Rich - Frances Livesay

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