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  March, 2003

Dear Shipmates, Family & Friends,

Greetings to all from the Sunny South, where we have been “hit” twice this winter (ice & snow). Fair skies have abandoned us, amid all these pine trees and golf courses. Thanks to everyone for your Christmas Cards and notes, which have really brighten the holidays for this socially sophisticated, Southern Gentleman. (I kid you not!) All the pomp and circumstances required to “keep up appearances” is a tad wearying, as you might see from my picture (moved to page 2, as Ship is already on this page. You know, less competition.). But... Spring is coming, flowers will bloom, and the RICH Reunion will meet June 5-8, 2003 in Virginia Beach. At such time we can swap sea stories and brag about grandkids.

Got an upbeat letter from Jean Schmocker. Good news is... she’s has made another man deliriously happy with marriage. Bad news is... he’s retired Army! We’ll forgive you Jean, but only if you bring Harry Kahn to the RICH Reunion at Virginia Beach. Give us a chance to check-out that stamp-of-approval slapped on him by Doug & Edna Joyner. (Real story is that Harry’s wife died shortly after Dan. They have been friends and neighbors for years. Harry likes same things that Jean likes (including Jean!).

Ed got a call from Norm Jensen, who stays in Tucson, Arizona area, most of the time. He and lady friend are taking a cruise in March; leaving Santiago, Chile, - rounding Cape Horn - and up the east coast to Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Called “Rounding the Horn”) They plan to be at the RICH Reunion in June. Norm’s address is 37193 South Park Drive, Saddlebrooke, AZ 85739.

We have sent information on the USS RICH DE-695 (two books and experiences of Frank Doody & Roland Freeman) to the Madison Press in Toronto, Canada. A book, D-DAY (on Normandy Invasion), is being published by the Madison Press. They plan to use info from the USS RICH and from the RICH Survivors. The book is to be released in October 2003.

Now I ask you... is there no sympathy for a Southern Socialite (right)? With the Christmas Season and all, Ed over-taxed his Fire Control System, then collapsed for much needed R&R (can’t you tell?). The Social Event was an all male wedding, in which Ed was mother of the bride... “keeping up appearances”, of course... for charity. Remember the Corvette Fund!!

Champagne Sally has gone, by golly, and done it... jumped the broom! Our Sally and Corky Malcom were united in Holy Matrimony the very 1st day of this year in the St. Andrews Lutheran Church-By-The-Sea, Jacksonville Beach, Florida... a very appropriate setting. Six Champagne Glasses were sent (by the USS RICH) to Sally honoring the occasion. Sally, we wish you and Corky the best... as you set forth on the rising seas of matrimonial bliss. Know that you have a special place in our heart. Thanks for sharing the happiness over the years. God Bless.

ENCLOSURE (1) is a letter from Dr. Jack Haberstroh requesting “Sea Stories” from the enlisted sailor, who has been forgotten by naval histories (back of 2nd pg). Read his letter and send him a note or photo to go in SWABBY II.. Charlie & Ed Black have sent their stories, which are in the SWABBY that is being published as we speak. The SWABBY will be available in the June/July time frame.

Shelton Bosby (M. T. B. Sq 34, Historian) has sent USS RICH excerpts (ENCL 2 & 3) from D-DAY WRECKS OF NORMANDY by Mark James. Most interesting is the picture taken of the USS RICH only seconds after striking the 2nd mine (ENCL 3). We are always glad to hear from Shelton.

Best wishes to Shipmate Earl Hanson and wife Thelma (left) on their 60th wedding anniversary (celebrated 21st of September 2002) . Earl sends his best to his shipmates, and he has made a nice donation for the Newsletter. He says, “As far as health, I couldn’t throw a very interesting liberty.” Yes, yes Earl... true words of wisdom.

Received an informative letter from Stan McMillan about the annual reunion of Escort Division 19 in New Orleans this year (Oct 22-26). He has invited the USS RICH to join them. Stan has done a fantastic job keeping the AMESBURY, BATES, & BULL crews together. No doubt, many of you have received the same information. If possible, join Stan in New Orleans and tell us about the New Orleans Reunion next year. Or better still, write up a report for the Newsletter. That would definitely, be appreciated.

Phone Calls, Like a teenager, I grove on phone calls.


Ralph Higgins
Charles Black
Furman T. Smith
John Slade

Newsletter Donations, keeps the press rolling.


Virginia Calabrese (wife of Michael)
Coralie Carlson (wife of George)
Jim Gwaltney (USS BUNCH)
Earl Hanson
Norm Jensen

Taps for brother of Dave Hibbs, chairman of USS BUNCH (DE-694). Dave faithfully attends our Reunions. A card of condolence was sent to Dave from the USS RICH.

We have signed a contract for our Reunion (5-8 June 2003) with The Oceanfront Inn of Virginia Beach, VA (1-800-548-3859). We have been there before, very nice. Please fill-out the enclosed form, ENCLOSURE (4), and return it to me as soon as possible (Or by 1 May 2003), same as dead-line for reserving your room).

Ed Black
PO Box 126
Carthage NC 28327

There you have it my shipmates and friends, another Newsletter from a true Revival Speaker, Champion Bull-Slinger, and Baby Kisser. Do join us in Virginia Beach June 5-8, 2003, for spiritual renewal and comradeship.


Ed Black - Dot Cole
Guy Rich - Frances Livesay

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