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   March 1st, 2001 

Dear Shipmates and Friends:

Received many Christmas cards from shipmates and friends, in addition to other cards and letters. Thanks to all.

Some updates:

I heard from Len Kravitz. His father-in-law is Stan Washinski. Len desires our newsletter. Address is Len Kravitz, 3911 Lake Mira Dr., Orlando, Florida 32817.

See enclosed copy of DE screw, possible is USS Rich screw. David Hibbs of USS Bunch DE 694 is seeking info from Navy department.

Letter from Roger L. Weatherman, Box 2, Ivanhoe, VA 24350. His father was H. B. Weatherman WT 3/c who died in Rich sinking. Requested info and mailing list.

Leo Andrus of Coast Guard Cutter 32 plans to attend 2001 reunion in Branson, MO. He sent photo of Rich breaking in two. Weclome, Leo!!!

As far as we know, caps will be here in April, according to shipmate M. H. Green who placed them on order.

Heard from Charlie "T", USS Blessman DE 69 chairman. He had a great reunion last October in Orlando. Chief Ray Holler was elected chaplain for USS Blessman DE 69.

Letter and phone call from Stan McMillan who invites all to USS Bull DE 693 & USS Bates DE 68 reunion in Albany, New York, dates of October 10 through October 14, 2001. 

David Hibbs USS Bunch DE 694 invites all to USS Bunch DE 694 reunion in Gettysburg, PA September 16 through September 20.

Letter from Jean Schmocker, she is doing fine.

Enclosed is all information on the reunion June 5 through June 8 in Branson, MO. Joe/Alto Podorski have put together a well planned reunion. Hope everyone will try to join us. Any questions should be to Joe.

See you in June!

Ed Black - Dot Cole

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