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Launching, 22-Jun-1943, Bay City, Michigan.

Part of crew that took the USS Rich to New Orleans.

More of the Mississippi crew.

Still more of the Mississippi crew.

USS Rich on her way down the Mississippi.

Another photo on the Mississippi.

USS Rich crew, 1-Oct-1943, New Orleans, LA.

Crew Christmas party, 1943.

Loading a torpedo aboard in Bermuda.

USS Rich DE695 under way.

On liberty in Londonderry, Ireland.

On liberty in Londonderry, Ireland.

On liberty.

Rich radio room.

Minutes before striking first mine.



Sequence showing USS Rich before and after first mine.

USS Rich after second mine.

Another photo after second mine.

Dan Wescott receives a light after rescue.

Hand-written casualty list of USS Rich crewmen taken aboard LST 491.

Communiqué issued by Captain of USS Blessman to his ship's crew.

Telegram informing FCM 3/c John Arnold Fryberger's family he had been wounded in action.


S 1/c Jack Lunsford


Screw believed to belong to the USS Rich.

Another photo of the Rich screw on display in France.


Close-up photo of writing on screw hub.


USS Rich marker at Normandy. 

DeFoe ship building plant, ca. 1942.

DeFoe ship building plant, ca. 1942.

Utah Beach marker at Normandy.



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