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Memories of Lew Watts

    Lew Watts of Hightstown, New Jersey, also served on the USS Rich. He says 47 years has dimmed his memory somewhat, but he does recall two incidents about the men who are scheduled to be on hand at the USS Rich reunion. He remembers Ed Black because he and Chief Berry had a bet on his height so they measured Ed and he was over six feet. Lew won five bucks. He says he will always recall with fondness Clyde Hutchins with whom he spent so many lonely hours on duty in the CIC.

    Since returning to civilian life, Lew has by turns been a math teacher, businessman, jazz aficionado (who now teaches a course in jazz at Mercer County College), husband and father of three daughters, author of two published books (both on baseball) and dozens of published magazine articles (mostly on baseball). Lew, the ex-pro ball player and coach for 30-plus years may not have touched all the bases life has to offer, but he's gotten to a lot more than most of us are able to reach.

    A Highstown resident who ended a long tenure as teacher/baseball coach at the Peddie School three years ago, Watts was mentor of pitcher Erik Hanson, a 1983 Peddie alumnus who's gone on to become an outstanding hurler for the Seattle Mariners.

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