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Letter from George Carlson
From a letter to Edwin B. Black

Dear Ed:

    It has taken me sometime to get back to you, after receiving your newsletter of March 8. Thanks very much for your time and effort to contact me.

    I have been trying to recall some of the guys I had contact with while on board the Rich. Being a signalman, my duties were always on the bridge. I was only on board 3 months. I did not get acquainted with many of the deck or eng. men. Some of the names I recall are Lt. Comd. Michel, Harvey Peterson, Carl Boedecker and a radioman. last name Woord or Woods. A few faces but not their names. I had just come from sig school when I was assigned to the Rich All my duties were on the bridge.

    The day that the Rich hit the mines, I was recording the message to pick up survivors off the Glennon, along with Harry Peterson who was reading it, when the 1st mine was hit. Don't recall if it was the 2nd or 3rd mine we hit. It was my duty to get the signal books and have an officer throw them over the side in a leaded bag. Could not get the books from radio room because the door was jammed shut from the equipment inside. Went to the flying Bridge to give them to the Executive Officer. He was pinned under the mast, was still conscious and told me to throw them over. I must have went into shock, I don't recall too much from then on. Someone helped me off the Rich onto a PT boat, on the portside of the Rich. Passed out and woke up 4 hours later aboard a LST, had a sore back, cut on chin, and a few loose teeth Sent back to the states for a survivors leave. Lost contact with everyone, until Carl Boedecker called last year.

    I have Lupus and unable to make the reunion this year, but my wife will sure try and attend next year.
Enclosed is a small check to help with postage and so forth.

    Thanks again for all the work you've done getting this reunion and past ones together.

    God bless all of you. Hope to see you next year.

George Carlson

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