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From The Last Voyage of the USS Rich by Edwin B. Black


Most of the following articles are reproduced from volumes one and two of Edwin B. Black's book, The Last Voyage of the USS Rich.

The articles on this page are in no particular order. If you're searching for an article by a certain author or about a certain subject, please see the Article Index.

WT 3/c John Frederick Warne
John F. Warne
Norm Johnson Recalls Life at the Army Hospital in England
The Rich's Trip Down the Mississippi
Chief Ray Holler
Rescues from Two Warships
Courtesy of Joe Gillis, Jr.
The Way I Remember D-Day
Ed Black
My Naval Service Aboard the USS Rich DE695
Frank Doody
The Death of the USS Rich
Lt. C. V. Ross
For Sonarman on USS Rich, Judgment Day Came June 8 - Dan Schmocker
Before and After-Steering
Carl Boedecker
The Sinking and Rescue of USS Rich DE695
Melvin Carlson (TM 3/c, PT 504)
My Remembrances of the USS Rich
Thomas W. Cook, MM3/c
The Chief Remembers the USS Rich
Ray Holler
Recollections of a Sonarman
Jack Larson
PT520's Role on June 8th, 1944
John E. Tallon
Charles Black: from All Who Would Be Valiant
Daniel G. Koenig
How DE Rich Died
George E. "Ted" Lucas
Recollections from the Whaleboat Crew Titorenko Tells His Story
Alexander Titorenko
USS Rich DE695 and LST491
James W. Knox
From Defoe Shipyard to Todd Johnson Shipyard
Gene Glasser
Leo Melancon Recalls The Day He Earned the Bronze Star A Story From the Deep - Engine Room
Bill Shure
A Whale(boat) of a Tale
Robert N. Bruno
Memoirs of a MM2
Frank Ballek
A Few Notes from John Murphy - Seaman Recollections of a SM/3
Bob Darrah
My Memories of the USS Rich DE695
Charles A. Black
Letter from George Carlson
Memories of Dan Wescott Recollections of Harvey H. Seigfried F/1
D-Day for a DE
D. J. Lawrence
Memories of Lew Watts
My Unforgettable Rich Experience
Berman M. Scott
A Few Words From Benny Hicks
Recollections of Robert S. Aluni Memo from Frank Moon
Notes from Norbert C. Penner Memories
Norman G. Jensen
Leroy B. Poor Remembers Letter from Earl H. Hansen
Carl Boedecker
George W. Carlson
Llewellyn Watts III
Off the Coast of Normandy
Roland E. Freeman


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