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Edwin B. Black

    Much of the information on this website is taken with permission from both volumes of "The Last Voyage of the USS Rich" by Edwin B. Black, a USS Rich Survivor. Here's a little bit more about Ed.

    Edwin B. Black entered the Navy 2 June, 1943. After boot training in Bainbridge, MD (company 4295) he reported to Norfolk, VA for DE school. He was assigned to the USS Rich. He attended communication school and sailed on the USS Rich on a usual convoy run to the UK on 14 May 1944. On 4 June 1944, the Rich was diverted from convoy group to participate in the invasion of France, D-Day. On 8 June, while attempting to aid the USS Glennon DD which had hit a mine off Utah Beach, the Rich hit three mines which literally blew her to pieces. Casualties were very heavy. Ed jumped from the sinking Rich badly wounded. He was unconscious for 31 days from serious head injuries. After months of hospitalization and operations Ed was discharged from the Navy.

    He entered Civil Service and retired 1966 due to disabilities. Having been in radio prior to Navy duty, he went back to radio announcing in VA, NC, SC and FL. He worked for CBS News in FL. Finally retiring 16 years ago and now 100% disabled, he still travels extensively. He lives in Mt. Gilead, NC, from where he writes many feature stories for various newspapers and magazines.

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Note - Ed Black would like to thank Edmond Locklear, Jr. for his help in editing The Last Voyage of the USS Rich.

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