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    We all too often forget that our freedom came at a terrible price. This website is dedicated to all of the men and women who have fought - and in many cases, died - to win and preserve the freedom that we now enjoy.

    In particular, this site is in honor of the crew of one Buckley class Destroyer Escort that saw action during World War II, the USS Rich DE695. Nearly half of them would make the ultimate sacrifice in order to help assure that future generations could remain free.

    Born in 1943, the Rich's duty was to escort convoys across the Atlantic, guarding cargo and troop ships against attack from marauding submarines patrolling the shipping lanes between the United States and Europe. After another Destroyer Escort had broken down shortly before Operation Overlord was to begin, the USS Rich was ordered to take her place, running cover for the battleship Nevada BB36 during the largest amphibious assault the world has ever known.

    It was a different time. A time when people held different beliefs, followed different principles than so many of us do today. These were different men. They were a different breed. Courage and duty were what defined their lives. 

    Within this website, you will find true stories about these good men who did great, unselfish things. They deserve to have their stories heard by a generation that has forgotten the sacrifices they made. Sacrifices made so that we can enjoy the freedoms we now take completely for granted.

    They are true heroes. It is our honor that many of them still walk among us. We must never, ever, forget what they did.




Please read my personal tribute to one Rich crewman, FCM 3/c John Arnold Fryberger 

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