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 Liston Levi Hines
Submitted by his sisters, Velma Hines Edwards and Melbadyne Hines Poglayen

 Liston Levi Hines

    Liston Levi Hines was born December 26, 1924, to Samuel Carl Hines and Agnes Hollowell Hines in Goldsboro County, NC. He was raised on a farm in a Quaker Community and attended Oakland Friends Church along with his two brothers and two sisters.

    His father died when Liston was young, at which time the family moved to the City of Goldsboro, NC. Liston dropped out of high school in order to get a job and help support his Mother and two sisters. He was a happy go lucky fellow who enjoyed life. He was a kind, loving and considerate son and brother, always willing to do his share.

    Liston was the youngest of three brothers all of whom enlisted in the Navy rather than waiting to be drafted. Having been raised Quaker, they could have applied for Conscientious Objectors Rights, but all three were willing to fight for their country. Liston's two brothers came home from the war safe and sound, for which we are grateful. Liston joined the Navy on June 1, 1943, and died June 8, 1944, in the Normandy Invasion, aboard the USS Rich. He was 19 years old at the time of his death. His last letter home was dated April 15, 1944.

    According to a letter we received from Lt. Commander E. A. Michel, Jr., Liston was at his usual battle station in the after ammunition supply party and in the vicinity where destructive effects of one of the explosions were very severe. It is almost definitely assumed that he was killed instantly and that it happened so fast in all probability he never knew what happened and felt no pain. For this we are thankful.

    There will always be a void in our lives and we often wonder what his life would have been like and what accomplishments he would have achieved. His body was brought home to a final resting place in Goldsboro, NC.

    Liston was awarded the Purple Heart posthumously.


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