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Photo: Naval Historical Center

Deck log from the minesweeper Staff AM114 for Thursday, June 8th, 1944

0004 Anchored as before in Capelle Roads, off Citrentan River, Baie de la Seine, France, in 9 fathoms of water, mud and sand bottom, with 25 fathoms of chain to the port anchor. 
0009 AA gunfire observed. Sounded general quarters. 
0010 Planes friendly, secured from general quarters. 
0128 Two small unidentified craft approaching, sounded general quarters. 
0133 Craft identified as two lost Army "Ducks" seeking directions to beach. 
0135 Secured from general quarters.
0408 Anchored as before.
0610 Air raid alert. Sounded general quarters, several planes overhead. Identified as friendly. 
0618 Secured from general quarters. 
0641 HMS ML 116 underway from alongside. 
0641 Underway to continue sweeping operations. Course 085 degrees T, speed 12 knots. 
0704 c/c to 030 degrees T, speed 15 knots, proceeding to "Mountain Area" for sweeping operations.
0729 c/c to 320 degrees T. 
0759  c/s to 4 knots.
0802 Other vessels of unit forming up. 


Proceeding at flank speed 17 knots, course 250 degrees T, to assist USS GLENNON (DD620), reported struck by mine and sinking. Sounded general quarters. 


c/c to 255 degrees T. 


c/s to 8 knots. 


c/s to 4 knots. Close aboard GLENNON which has apparently been struck by magnetic or acoustic mine astern, in shallow water, down at the stern and settling slowly. Captain at Conn. 


Maneuvering alongside GLENNON's starboard side. Star-board side to line passed from this vessel to ML 116 for transfer to DD620 to run tow line. DE695 standing in slowly to lend assistance, standing by, bearing approximately 180 degrees T, 400 yards. 


Comd. Plander, ComMinRon 7, assumed Conn. Various minor maneuvers. Line fast to DD's bow.


Comdr. Plander relinquished Comm. to Captain. Taking strain on tow line to DD620. Making no apparent headway. GLENNON apparently aground at stern. 


Mine explosion dead ahead, 400 yards, and about 70 yards off starboard beam of DE695. No apparent damage to DE695 despite severe concussion. No damage to this vessel. 


USS THREAT (AM 124) stood off from GLENNON (DD620) on orders of ComMinRon 7 (Comdr. Plander). 


Second underwater explosion directly under DE695, about two-thirds aft. Now bearing 163 degrees T, distance 500 yards. 


1/2 Now apparent that the mine explosion has broken DE695 in two, at about two-thirds of length aft from bow. Both forward and fantail sections still afloat. Fantail section settling slowly. 


ML 116 standing toward DE695's stern section. 


Third exposion in forward section of DE695. Apparently a more powerful detonation, the forward section has been reduced to complete wreckage, bearing 163 degrees, 600 yards. USS THREAT standing in to render assistance. 


"Q" degaussing coil out operation. Engines stopped and course steadied, while repairs are effected to control clutch. 


still making no headway with tow of USS GLENNON (DD620). Salvage tug requested by radio. 


"Q" coil back in operation. 


Under fire from shore batteries. all shots falling short on starboard quarter, 500 yards, lowering motor whaleboat. 


Comdr. Plander and Lt. Comdr. Winn, left ship in whaleboat, which proceeded away under his (Comd. Plander) orders.


Upon captain's orders, since no headway has been made with tow, DD620 being apparently grounded by the stern. GLENNON dropped anchor and cast off tow lines. 


Turning to go alongside. Cruiser in vicinity has quieted shore batteries. 


Started acoustic skin hammers. Turning left slowly toward GLENNON. 


Hammers stopped. 


Alongside portside of GLENNON, port-side to, preparing to take off injured and survivors except C.O. and damage control personnel. C.O. of GLENNON reports flooding under control, despite severe damage to stern section. Commenced taking aboard surviors for treatment and transfer. 


Transferred one bottle of oxygen to USS GLENNON (DD620) for use of damage control party. 


Preparing to get underway from GLENNON, having taken aboard the following men and officers of her complement.

(End of available report)              

J. H. Napier, Lieut. USNR, commanding

R. B. Faber, Lieut. USNR, navigator


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