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Article excerpted from the history of the USS Blessman APD 48, DE 69


    While the Army was struggling for a foothold, the Navy so completely dominated the Channel that the Blessman's task was comparatively easy. Only the vast German-laid minefields presented any considerable hazard, and considerable it was too, for the Blessman's sister ship, the U.S.S. Rich was mined and sunk. The Blessman herself on 7 June 1944 came alongside the U.S. S. Susan B. Anthony, mined and afire. Although the Anthony was sinking rapidly, the Blessman stayed alongside and removed six officers and thirty-eight enlisted men. As the sinking transport became engulfed in flames, the Anthony's commanding officer ordered the Blessman away, the last ship to leave as the stricken Anthony sank below the surface.



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