Quineville, France - near Utah beach - Fire Support Area 3
Time: June 8th, 1944 - 0920 hours

The Glennon (DD620) had struck a mine. The Buckley class Destroyer Escort USS Rich (DE695) had been dispatched to offer the Glennon assistance.

As she rounded the crippled destroyer, a mine exploded approximately 50 yards off the Rich's starboard beam sending a huge geyser of murky, green water high into the air. The resulting shock wave tripped the ships circuit breakers, temporarily knocking out her lights and power. Three minutes later another mine exploded, this one directly beneath her keel, ripping off fifty feet of her stern. A third explosion delivered the final blow to the already dying ship two minutes later, buckling what was left of her forward section. By 0940, the proud Destroyer Escort USS Rich was gone, and with her, the lives of 89 of her crew...

This is the story of the USS Rich DE695 and the brave men who served our country as her crew. Click the graphic above or the link below to continue...

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