Tackling Tough Reporting Needs

August 8, 2013

Here is a fresh example of how we can help our customers tackle their tough reporting needs. Did you know that WebQuery can report on data from multiple databases and can pull data from just about any MS-SQL or MySQL database?

We recently did a special project for one of our industrial supply customers who specialize in inventory stocking at their important customer locations. In essence they ensure that their products are always readily available at the job site for self-service and automatic replenishment while eliminating many fulfillment delays and costs. The problem was that job site inventory was tracked using third party software so there was not an efficient interface with the main ERP system.

Utilizing our InControl ETL (Extraction, Transformation & Loading) utilities, we setup automatic extracts to pull the SQL data from their remote databases. These extracts are scheduled to run several times a day to automatically synchronize and keep the data up-to-date at their corporate headquarters.

Now with the replicated databases available within their own network, we were able to integrate that data with their ERP database and create some new datasets for fast and simple WebQuery reporting.

This allows them to get inventory usage information from the remote customer locations in the same report as current inventory quantities and other usage. It also facilitates automatic purchase order generation and timely access to critical data which previously required a great deal of time and human intervention.