Linking WebQuery to Other Databases

May 1, 2013

Did you know you aren’t limited to the data already in WebQuery? We can link WebQuery to other SQL databases. All we need is the ability to put the data together in SQL views so WebQuery can read it.

We have a customer who has a time clock database and no easy way to get that information out for reports. We linked the data to WebQuery and now they can create weekly time clock reports right out of WebQuery.

Another customer has WebQuery connected to their CRM database. They now have this CRM data available for easy reporting.

You really aren’t limited to SQL databases either. One of our customers had special pricing data in an Excel spreadsheet that they wanted to see in WebQuery. We imported their data into a table and linked it to their Orders dataaset. They can see at a glance if the correct price was used for their customers.

Let us know if you have any data you want to make available in WebQuery.