Exporting CSV files in WebQuery

July 11, 2013

Many of you have to provide CSV files to outside sources for things like reports to vendors such as Parker Store, 3M, Eaton, Kennametal, Iscar reports, or any of the many others. Some provide CSV files to meet requirements for banking reports. Some even provide CSV files to other outside consultants for further manipulation or even website data uploads.
Whatever your CSV file need, many of you fight through trying to create these files in Crystal reports, Excel or even pull the information from WebQuery and manually manipulating the fields so they fit a specific format. In WebQuery, we can create new fields specifically for use in your CSV files. We can change the formatting on fields to add special characters, create blank fields, or just put add fields that you don’t already have available.
Once we have the formatting set up your reports can be run ad hoc, delivered to a specific email or scheduled and dropped in a specific directory for ftp transfer.
If you are struggling with a CSV report give us a call or send an email we